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YES Vancouver releases list of donors prior to advance polls

October 8, 2018

VANCOUVER – YES Vancouver today proactively released a list of donations received by the campaign to date. In total, YES Vancouver has raised a total of $176,581.60 from 528 eligible individuals. The average amount of all contributions is $334.00 per eligible individual.

Under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA), a contribution from an eligible individual is limited to $1,200 in total to each campaign of an elector organization and its endorsed candidates. Additionally, an eligible individual can contribute up to $1200 for a school board campaign. An eligible individual is defined as a resident of British Columbia, and a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Elections BC defines a significant contributor to a campaign as an eligible individual who makes a campaign contribution of $100 or more to the same candidate or campaign. A list of significant contributors to the YES Vancouver campaign can be found attached.


October 8, 2018

Hector Bremner, YES Vancouver's candidate for Mayor of Vancouver, announced today that his #LetsFixHousing Action Plan will result in tangible benefits for renters seeking relief.

YES Vancouver's #LetsFixHousing Action Plan is a long-term vision to reduce rent prices, to improve value for homeowners, and build complete, inclusive communities. The plan, if adopted, will result in one of the largest building booms in Vancouver’s history, creating jobs, regional economic prosperity, and unprecedented opportunity for homeowners throughout the city.

"As we have learned in Seattle and Portland, rent prices have declined due to increased supply. This takes time. We are committed to finding ways to get direct benefits to the public earlier, so no one is left behind,” says Hector Bremner, YES Vancouver's candidate for Mayor.

"We will create a community dividend fund, called the Vancouver Housing Dividend, which will be funded by incremental profits from homebuilders to be redistributed to the benefit of Vancouver residents," Bremner added. "It will kick in as soon as projects get off the ground. Projections suggest builder incentives have the potential to generate $200M+ in annual fund contributions. This can be leveraged to ensure no one is left behind.”

Half of the proceeds from the Vancouver Housing Dividend will be targeted to rent subsidies designed to offer struggling Vancouver renters relief during the period of construction required before a balanced housing market can be achieved.

Rental relief for families with children could be up to $500 per household per month, seniors up to $300 per household per month, and students for up to $300 per household per month. The remainder of the fund would be devoted to other community benefits such as transit, childcare, eldercare and other housing subsidies for co-ops and infill housing.

According to the BC Non-Profit Housing Association, 30,000 renter households are adequately housed but at risk of not being able to keep up with rent payments. Many of these households are seniors, people with disabilities and young families with moderate wages. It’s critical that we stabilize these vulnerable demographics and ensure they can stay in their homes as we build more options for them. Applications will be received and approved based on the most vulnerable groups and income levels.

YES Vancouver's #LetsFixHousing Action Plan, which legalizes all forms of housing throughout the city, allows homeowners who are ‘house rich’ but ‘cash poor’ to tap in to the equity of their homes to build infill homes, pay off mortgages and debt, contribute to retirement planning, age in place, create homes for family members (elderly, and adult children). Property taxes would also be reduced proportionally by dividing taxes between resulting strata lots.